Scherzo El País El Cultural De Gelderlander Radio Nacional de España Radio Clásica Melómano Docenotas Beckmesser CD Requiem José de Nebra José Antonio Montaño director orquesta La Madrileña orquesta con instrumentos de época period instrument orchestra Coro Victoria Schola Antiqua Pan ClassicsThis recording of the historic «Requiem» by the Spaniard José de Nebra, composed and premiered in 1758 on the occasion of the death of the Queen of Spain, Doña Bárbara de Braganza, is the very first internationally of this masterpiece of the Spanish Baroque of the 18th century. The project, under the direction of the maestro José Antonio Montaño, who also edited the score, has had an unsurpassed reception in the Spanish and international media.

Radio Nacional de EspañaRadio Clásica, and the newspapers El PaísEl Mundo and the Dutch De Gelderlander stress the importance of this historic recording and join with the specialized media who call this interpretation “excellent”, “exquisite”, “ideal”, “elegant”, “done with great care”, and “teeming with subtleties”.

Below are some extracts from these texts:

Melómano Magazine. Recommended album. By Alejandro Santini Dupeyron.

“Montaño’s scrupulous direction reveals his profound understanding and love for this work. The musicians of La Madrileña are excellent, with a warm and enveloping sound which frames the Coro Victoria to perfection, itself acclaimed for its quality and contrast of voices, clear textures and delicately woven sound.”

El Cultural. Historical reencounter with José de Nebra. By Arturo Reverter.

“José Antonio Montaño, a great and solidly trained musician, a confident and efficient conductor, who soaked up the teachings of the late Jesús López Cobos and who extended his training with other fine conductors, has an extensive CV which has led him to conduct renowned orchestras and to perform in a variety of national and international forums. Some years back he founded the period instrument orchestra La Madrileña, and recently he helped birth a beautiful project tied directly to de Nebra’s religious work: to record the Office and Mass of the Dead, first performed in 1758 at the funeral of the Queen of Spain, Bárbara de Braganza.”… “We embrace this project of Montaño, which took shape after an enormous musicological work of study, revision and, finally, interpretation, which offers us this Requiem with an admirable cleanliness, respect and suitability.”

Scherzo Magazine. Recording Review. By Mariano Acero Ruilopez

“Recovered during a recent concert, the Requiem of de Nebra has now seen its first full recording by the Schola Antiqua of Juan Carlos Asensio, which brilliantly takes over the Office of the Dead in plainchant, and a stupendous Coro Victoria, accompanied by La Madrileña and under the effective direction of José Antonio Montaño. It is, without a doubt, an important addition to the increasingly less meager discography of Spanish music of the 18th Century.”

Docenotas. Recording Review. By Susana Rodríguez Pendas

“This recording signifies a great work of musicology and previous research on the part of conductor José Antonio Montaño, who by his meticulous study of De Nebra’s own handwritten score has managed to recover a work of reference, a “culmination” of the Spanish Baroque (18th Century)”. “With an elegant interpretation, done with care and teeming with subtleties, we find the voices of the Coro Victoria joined with La Madrileña (orchestra of period instruments) and Schola Antiqua, which have known how to unite their talents in a masterful way. Without a doubt we have here a work recorded with exquisite care that conveys through its delicate sound those emotions that José de Nebra reflected with such mastery in his score. A highly recommended edition.”

Beckmesser. Recording Review. By Gonzalo Alonso

“In the course of the recent Festival de Arte Sacro in Madrid, this interesting score was presented only because maestro José Antonio Montaño recovered it and conducted it with the group La Madrileña where it saw its debut: the Church of Santa Barbara of the Convento of the Salesas Reales in Madrid. The recording is dedicated to the memory of maestro Jesús López Cobos. Truly interesting.” More information

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